If you are planning an event in New York and don´t know where to begin, hiring the help of a professional event planner will make your life much easier. You will have piece of mind and ultimately less stress in the lead up and during the event. Think about it; seasoned event planners have existing relationships with suppliers and venues as well as the experience, creativity and vision to make your event live up to your expectations. Creating memorable events is what they do day in day out, so you are in good hands once you find someone you are happy with. But how do you get to this point?

Once you have decided your event objective and budget, sourcing a professional event planner will be your next challenge. In a market like New York, event planners are used to providing such a high level of service, that it can become quite a task to find the right one that fits your criteria and vision.

Ask at local businesses

Asking for a recommended event planner at a local business is one way to start your selection process. Oftentimes, a florist, bakery or décor shop will have existing relationships with at least 1 event planner who they will be glad to recommend.

If an event planner has a good relationship with their suppliers, then you know that you are onto someone who takes their clients´ requirements seriously and who knows how to work professionally in a highly competitive market. Venues such as hotels, restaurants, galleries and event spaces also pose as potential sources of recommendations for planners.

Search online

Many online sites as well as event planner´s social media pages provide their direct contact details as well as reviews. Even though it is not recommended to hire an event planner based on their reviews alone, it can give you some idea as to their areas of focus. You can also get hundreds of search results simply by typing in “event/wedding planner” and your desired geographical area on Facebook or Venuetown.

Ensuring that you are sourcing trustworthy professionals can also be done by checking their accreditations and certifications. Many sites will provide this information on a planner´s profile.

Interview Event Planners

Once you have decided on a selection of event planners who you are interested in working with, set up a time to chat with them personally. Talking with them on the phone and then meeting with them face to face will ultimately be the best way to make your final selection. Depending on how well you get on and how well the planner presents their idea for your event, go with who you feel most comfortable with. Give them as much detail as possible so that they can really understand your expectations to the last detail. If they know what is expected of them, their execution will be better and you will rest assured that your money was well spent.

Remember that planning an event is stressful even for an experienced planner, so you will want to hire someone who is likeable, supportive and has the answers to your problems. Ask to see their portfolio so that you get a feel for their style. Most people meet with up to five different event planners before making their final decision, so this is a task not to be taken lightly.

Once you have made your decision stick by it and be there to answer any questions your event planner needs clarified. Be there for them as much as they are there for you and the planning process will be seamless. Hiring a professional may be slightly more expensive, but you will get what you pay for; a memorable event planned by a professional from beginning to end.