Becoming a reputable event planner in New York city is not to be underestimated. The Big Apple hosts some of the largest, most well known and diverse events in the world. For newbie event professionals hoping to start their event planning careers, New York presents the perfect opportunity to make it big and learn a huge amount about the industry.

Due to the high demand in event planning services, if you choose to go for an internship at a well-known business, your experience will certainly prove to be challenging. However, getting great experience early on in your event planning career means that you have a great foundation for future success whether you want to join forces with peers in your industry or create your own event planning business.


This is probably the number one tip in any business interaction whether you are an event planner or a checkout clerk. Listening to understand your clients´ expectations will mean that your execution of their event will be accurate. The client will also feel at ease because you took on board their specific requirements.

It takes a personalized level of service for the client to feel reassured that their hard-earned money is well spent by investing in your services. This kind of trust is built on having respect for your client and listening to their wishes.

Event planning services in a high competition city like New York with thousands of event planning services, means that the pressure is on you to create a good name for yourself. If you make your clients feel like they have been listened to then they will remember you as being a pleasure to work with and will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Be your supplier´s best friend

Being on good terms with your current suppliers will make your life a lot easier when asking for those little favors that go a long way to add that extra touch for your client. Try to give your suppliers ample deadlines, they will love you for it as it will mean less stress for them and ultimately less stress for you.

For example, having and maintaining a good relationship with the majority of the bakeries in your city can give you that extra advantage if one of them is out on holidays or unable to take your order during wedding season.

Satisfied suppliers will happily refer you on to other businesses which can be a great advantage as you need to have a large network of contacts and suppliers as your client base grows and diversifies.

Learn exceptional customer service skills

Remember, that being an event planner means that you should have great interpersonal and customer service skills. This is something that can be easily learned by taking some time to observe your peers at work. Pay attention to how they handle difficult clients or how they improvise when something goes wrong at an event.

Keeping in mind that New York City is full of budding event planners who want to be the next big thing, will help you to provide your clients with exceptional service. Going above and beyond what is expected of you (within reason of course) whilst working with clients will help you to build up a great reputation.

Again, happy clients = recommendations = more business for you.

Guide the Way

The more clients you get, the larger the chance that they will all have completely different wish lists and what worked with a previous client might not necessarily work with the next. Remember that each client is a different person with different needs and expectations. Some might not even know exactly what they want from you. That´s when some extra hand holding is required and you can lead the way for your client taking your queue from past experiences. This does require some extra time and patience, but it will be worth it when you deliver on the day.

It´s hard work!

Becoming a great event planner in New York with a fantastic reputation takes long hours and hard work. The most experienced event planners always remind us that things will not always turn out perfectly no matter how well you have planned and organized.

Please keep in mind that event planning is a career choice that brings with it a lot of pressure from your own expectations as well as that of your clients. So, remember to look after yourself too. Create an ideal routine for yourself that incorporates some time where you can focus only on yourself. You will feel better with a work-life balance where you can attend to your wishes and desires as well as that of your clients.