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Introducing Venuetown, the new service for event planners in Canada and  North America. Find Ottawa hotel venues, send RFPs, and plan your business strategy with the latest in cloud-based technology.

Put your event planning business in the spotlight. Create a unique online listing as an event planner, organizer or coordinator. Use our dynamic search and filter tools to search and find event spaces. Share your venue reviews, post multiple RFPs at the RFP XChange, and get direct competitive bids.

Venuetown makes the hotel venue search for event planning simple for meetings and birthday parties to white weddings, meeting, corporate conferences and special event spaces.

You can book directly with venues, and hear what other event organizers have to say.  Hotel venues in Ottawa are waiting to connect with you, listen to your needs, and learn about your event experience and specialities.

Share your stories with a guest blog about your events, services and tips to promote your business. Venuetown also offers patented, AI technologies  ( fees apply ) for enterprise event planning organisations. Use our smart algorithms to answer business queries, test brand messaging, and predict the result of new marketing strategies.

Sign up to invite new clients in Ottawa and North America. And because the service is cloud-based, it’s completely secure and reliable!

Welcome to Venuetown, the smart online marketplace built for event planners.

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