Are you looking to host an event in Brooklyn, New York ? Brooklyn is famous for its numerous cultural locations such as Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and of course also for its amazing pizza and graffiti!.  When hosting an event in Brooklyn, why not embrace all that is great about the area and design your theme around it? You can focus on the famous attractions as well as all the quintessentially “Brooklyn” parts too. The following are some event ideas to get your creative event planning juices flowing.

A Birthday Party at Coney Island

How about a birthday party at Coney Island? It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and venues. You´ll be glad to take the kids out for their party rather than having to clean up a huge mess at home.

Choose from:

  • The Circus Sideshow
  • Mermaid Parades
  • The Coney Island Museum
  • Magic shows
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Amusement park rides

A Sight Seeing Trip to Brooklyn Bridge

If you are hosting a meeting for out of town colleagues, why not consider a meeting joining work and leisure? After your meeting is over, take a trip to The Brooklyn Bridge and the waterfront at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Make it more interesting for your attendees and they will thank you for doing something different and refreshing.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Pizza Party

Whether you are hosting a Bachelor party, a kid’s birthday party or even a business meeting with colleagues, you cannot go wrong with pizza. Brooklyn is known for its pizza throughout the United States. Get your attendees talking over a slice of Brooklyn´s authentic and finest pizza that is cherished by locals and visitors alike!

Many pizzerias in the Brooklyn area can deliver to venues and provide you with the real authentic style of pizza that many consider an additional food group!

So whether you are hosting a meeting, a charity event, a birthday party or a simple get together, consider Brooklyn as an exciting borough to gather your attendees. If you are lucky enough to call this area of New York home, then share your insider´s knowledge with out of townees