It is hard to become an event planner in New York City!

The Big Apple hosts some of the largest, most well known, and diverse events in the world. For aspirants and newbies, planning their first ever New York event may feel like passing through the eye of the needle. However, this can give them the perfect opportunity to learn and make it big in the industry.

Going to big event planning enterprises for an internship may be challenging especially if you have little to no experience.  However, getting an event planning experience is necessary since it can help you establish a foothold in this industry.

Whether you choose to be employed or to start your own event planning business in the future, the experience is always a great teacher. Eventually, this can help you thrive in this industry.

Here are some tips you can follow to make it big as an event planner in New York:


This is probably the number one tip in any business interaction (whether you are the contractor or an employee). Listening to understand your clients´ expectations can help you do your job properly to work towards them. The client will also feel at ease because you took on board their specific requirements.

Quality service means that you have to customize your methods in a way which meets your clients' needs. It gives them assurance that their hard-earned money is well spent by investing in your services. This kind of trust is built on having respect for your client and listening to their wishes.

In a highly competitive city like New York, creating a good reputation as an event planner in New York is important. If you make your clients feel valued, they will remember you for that. This will make it easier to get recommendations from them since you've always been a pleasure to work with.

Be your supplier´s best friend

Being on good terms with your current suppliers will make your life a lot easier for an aspiring event planner in New York. It can make it easy to ask those little favors from them that go along in satisfying your client. Your good relationship with the bakeries in your city, for example, can help you pull out services easily. That way, you will never have to worry about not having a backup plan.

Also, try to give your suppliers ample time by setting up achievable deadlines. They will love you for it as it will mean less stress for them and ultimately less stress for you.

In turn, these suppliers will happily refer you on to other businesses. This is highly beneficial for you since you need to have a large network of contacts as your number of clients grow.

Learn exceptional customer service skills

Being an event planner in New York require you to have great interpersonal and customer service skills. This is something that can be easily learned by taking some time to observe your peers at work. Pay attention to how they handle difficult clients or how they improvise when something goes wrong at an event.

Keep in mind that the Big Apple is full of budding event planners want to make it big. This will help you focus on providing your clients with exceptional service to eventually make it big as an event planner in New York. Going above and beyond what is expected of you (within reason of course) can give you a good reputation.

As mentioned, happy clients = recommendations = more business for you.

Guide the Way

Different clients have different needs, and the more you clients you get, the more diverse the demands will be. Some might not even know exactly what they want from you. In this regard, this may require you to guide them to find out what they really want.

This way, you can then proceed to make customized solutions to their problems. Remember, what worked with your previous client won't necessarily work with the next. This may require some extra time and patience, but it will be worth it when you deliver at the end of the day.

It´s hard work!

Becoming a great event planner in New York with a fantastic reputation takes long hours and hard work. Things may not always turn out perfectly no matter how well you have planned and organized. However, keep in mind that event planning is not always peaches and cream. There are benefits you can get from it, but there are also downsides.

Event Planning is an industry that brings with it a lot of pressure - don't forget to look after yourself too. Create an ideal routine for yourself that promotes work-life balance. That way, you will enjoy a long-lasting career in this industry without getting burnt out.