Are you planning an event in New York but don't know where to begin? If you are, then hiring a professional event planner in New York will make your life much easier.

Think about it - seasoned event planners have existing relationships with suppliers and venues. They also have experience, creativity, and vision to make your event live up to your expectations. Creating memorable events is their bread and butter, so you are in good hands when you find one. In turn, you will have peace of mind, and ultimately less stress in organizing an event.

Once you have decided your event objective and budget, sourcing a professional event planner in New York will be your next challenge. There are a lot of highly competitive event planners in New York. This can make it hard to find the right one that fits your criteria and vision.

How do you find someone who can cater to your needs perfectly?

Ask local businesses for recommendations

Oftentimes, local businesses like flower shops, pastry shops, or decor shops keep in touch with at least 1 event planner. Venues such as hotels, restaurants, galleries and event spaces also pose as potential sources of recommendations for planners. Asking these local enterprises for a recommended event planner in New York is one way to start your selection process.

An event planner in New York who has a good relationship with its suppliers is usually highly competent.

Search online

Online platforms like websites and social media pages can also help you find leads. These platforms can provide you direct contact details as well as reviews. Simply type "event/wedding planners + your desired geographical area" on search engines and get hundreds of results in an instant.

Even though reviews can't be the sole basis in choosing a planner, they can still give you an idea regarding their expertise. Moreover, looking at their credentials and certificates an also help. Many sites will provide this information on a planner´s profile.

Interview these Event Planners

Once you have made a list of prospect event planners, you can schedule a meeting with them (by phone or in person).

Give them the necessary information so that they can really understand your expectations to the last detail. If they know what your expectations are, they can do their job better. In turn, this can ensure that your investment will all be worth it.

Remember, planning an event is stressful even for an experienced planner. Hire someone who is competent but can still work gracefully under pressure. This task should be taken seriously so if you must, ask to see their portfolio. Most people meet with up to five different event planners before making their final decision.

Once you have made your decision stick with it. Make sure that you're available to answer any question that your event planner in New York needs to be clarified. Be there for them as much as they are there for you and the planning process will be seamless. Hiring a professional may be slightly more expensive, but you will get what you pay for. Organize a memorable event planned by a professional from beginning to end and get the results that you need.