How smart technology is transforming event planning!

Picture this: a busy event planner watching from the back of the hotel venue as a conference gets underway. She smiles with satisfaction, then takes out her smartphone and taps the screen. She’s just found the perfect location for a last-minute corporate meeting tomorrow.

Another venue messages to confirm the booking for a lavish destination wedding at the end of the summer. A notification pops up: someone needs a party planner next month, and they’ve found her profile online. Her business strategy, built with Venuetown’s features and support, is clearly paying off. And she can manage it all without ever leaving Venuetown, an online marketplace for event planners and venue providers.

Hotel Venues offer by far the best amenities for event attendees and guests.  Technologies in hotel rooms are on the priority list for 2019 according to world-renowned event industry keynote speaker and expert  Julius Solaris.

The world of event management is bigger than ever – and custom, intelligent technology (like an online marketplace) makes that possible. From smartphones to artificial intelligence, event venues and planners are finding new ways to connect and build a business. Recent innovations in scientific technology and artificial intelligence, almost unimaginable just a few years are now available. The unique power of the online marketplace Venuetown is here to meet your specific needs and help raise revenues.

At an industry conference in Los Angeles, event planning experts highlighted the importance of new technology. They emphasized building links to other businesses through sponsorship and increasing customization. Further research has shown that event planners are looking for up-to-the-minute technology, total integration, and reliable recommendations.

And that’s why Venuetown stands out from the crowd. Venuetown's revolutionary cloud-based, commission-free SaaS platform or online marketplace that can address these needs. This online marketplace incorporates customization, a growing community of hotel venues and event planners, and RFP XChange. It also integrates reputation management tools,  access to unique and custom reports, market research and polls, leveraging the best AI technologies.

This online marketplace brings exciting possibilities for hotel venues and event planners. Specifically, they can learn how  AI can be used to find out exactly what your customers want. It can work in real time to produce surveys and get feedback from clients. It can produce market research and make business predictions. You can explore all this, and more, with Venuetown’s world-changing online marketplace software.

All your venues,  bookings and feedback in one online marketplace

Venuetown offers a dynamic online marketplace search engine to showcase your business with no annoying commission fees. It’s a place where planners and venues connect, shine the spotlight on their hotel venues or event planning services. In short, this online marketplace enables them to find new projects to work on. It’s designed for the future.

The straightforward, intuitive online marketplace helps you to register your business and showcase your best in class services.   Consumers can register too, and find planners, hotel venues at their fingertips. Event planners have told researchers that their number one priority for event technology is a quick and easy set-up. That’s exactly what you’ll find on Venuetown.

Venues are awarding Venuetown five stars for the ability to payments and negotiations easier, in addition to loyalty incentive offerings. Unlike other platforms, we don’t get between you, your partners and your customers: you can negotiate and coordinate payments directly. Industry predictions suggest tighter customer budgets in the next year or so – but also more opportunities for negotiating on prices. Using an online marketplace and contact-finding software is a highly recommended way to take advantage of these trends. It enables you to save time and get less stressed out,

Using Venuetown’s simple but effective platform, you can specify your budget, possible dates, and size of the event in hand. You can even include crucial little details in your search. What languages do the venue staff speak? Do the guests have special dietary needs? What’s your preferred style of venue: a grand ballroom or a cozy, intimate gathering? Let’s think about seating arrangements: serious meeting or fun rooftop cocktails? And don’t forget to choose your lighting plan, whether it’s subtle or high-tech - because every star needs a spotlight.

Detailed descriptions of venues (such as map location, amenities, etc.) uploaded on Venuetown can be uploaded and viewed. This helps venues to show off the excellent facilities they have on offer. With all the specific details clearly laid out, it helps planners and consumers to make the best choice for their ideal event. You’ll be on your way to building strong relationships with partners and customers in no time. This, in turn, may help you in growing the visibility of your profile to attract the perfect clients for you.

What really makes Venuetown unique is the way it’s designed for you. No other event planning platform connects planners and hotel venues without interference and commission fees. No other event planning platform can deliver scientific, technology-based, customized critical research and reports.

Using the data goldmine to make your events shine

Really good technology is never finished. There are always updates, innovations and new ideas to test out. The possibilities of AI are unlimited, and Venuetown plans to use that innovative technology make an impact. In fact, Venuetown is the only event planning and venue platform which offers custom reports based on AI and technology. A recent article from the influential travel industry intelligence platform, Skift, has pointed out that big data means better events. Collecting valuable information and using AI to make the most of it, creates a veritable “goldmine” for events professionals. Understanding the data that your customers give you can transform sales, marketing, and production strategies. With Venuetown’s unique method of generating reports, you’ll have unprecedented, unmatched insight into the growth potential of your business. You'll gain insights on what to develop, what to change, and how to do it.

Big data and artificial intelligence also give you the power to shape Venuetown according to your needs. Venues and planners don’t just use Venuetown passively. They’re helping to build and create it. With your needs, customers, and successes in mind, Venuetown uses artificial intelligence to continually improve its services. In the future, you’ll be able to receive business reports, taken from the marketplace and analyzed with the latest technology. With Venuetown’s help, you’ll be able to meet new developments in event planning with confidence. In turn, you can use this to your advantage!

Join our community of venues and event planners

There’s one thing that links both technology and the event industry - they both move fast. Now is the perfect time to get involved with Venuetown and gain the benefits that this online marketplace offers.

By registering as a venue, event planner or consumer, you’ll join Venuetown’s global, virtual event planner and hotel venue marketplace. You’ll raise your business’ profile, finding new contacts and customers. You’ll become a part of a growing North American community of event planners, destination managers, hoteliers, and hotel venues. This will give you the chance to explore new markets, build new relationships and share ideas. You'll also not fall behind the latest technological trends in the industry with information that the site can give you. This will enable you to assess any critical impact to your business decisions and decide accordingly. So, what are you waiting for?