Are you planning a wedding or considering a destination wedding? For many couples, the idea of spending their wedding in a completely different city and location is tempting, as it provides a neutral area new to them and their guests. New York has such an array of amazing and unique venues as well as wedding planners who have the most creative ideas. It is the city for both large and extravagant weddings as well as smaller and alternative affairs. New York City can be your dream destination wedding location! The hard part is up to you - choosing what kind of wedding you want!

The City that Never Sleeps

New York City has the unofficial nickname as “The City that Never Sleeps”. There is always something to do in the city, no matter the time of day or night. Therefore, you can rest assured that having your wedding here means having no limits as to what you can do to entertain your guests. Choose from a nighttime wedding or hold your reception in one of the local pubs, organize a horse drawn carriage as your wedding vehicle, or find a cityscape or park perfect as a setting for your wedding photos.

The Culture

The various cultural influences that can be encountered in New York City is quite diverse, meaning that it can be a great location for couples who are looking for a specific cultural theme for their wedding. Both venues and wedding planners based in New York are au fait with different traditional wedding types and can cater to any request on your list. Any guests eager to explore the city during their stay will also have the opportunity to experience plenty of cultural events and sightseeing, helping them to ease into the atmosphere of the city.

Historical Venues

There are several historical venues that call New York City home. For those history buffs, it can be a dream to get married in one of these locations. Oftentimes historical venues can offer everything that you will need in order to make your wedding one that guests will remember. Hosting your wedding at an historical venue also provides your guests with a chance to experience a location they would otherwise miss out on.

Recreate a Favorite Movie

For those who prefer a themed wedding, New York is the perfect location to hold a movie themed wedding.  So many romantic movies set in New York also feature the wedding scene at an iconic location in the city. You can even take your inspiration from “Sex and the City: The Movie”, which shows the New York Public Library as its opening wedding scene. Central Park is also a popular and iconic setting and ideal if you prefer a nature based background in your photos.

New York City has so much to offer as a destination wedding location. As there are no limits to the complexity or simplicity of your desired wedding day plans, the cost of hosting your wedding here can also be flexible. Your guests will also be glad that they have the chance to go on a mini vacation too! Consider your options and research your venue and event planner options online. Venuetown has a great selection of the best venue locations throughout North America, including New York City, allowing you to plan your New York wedding with ease.