Planning a meeting in New York city can be both exciting and daunting.

Exciting, as there is such a large variety of diverse venues. There is also a huge amount of exposure to be gained from a successful meeting.  Daunting, because the choice of venues and possibilities can seem extremely vast.

Hence, choosing the perfect location and venue should be your top priority as other aspects would then fall into place.

Moreover, holding a memorable meeting will help in motivating your attendees, and its success adds value to your portfolio.

Innovative planning and constant communication between all organizing parties from the start will help make your meeting planning a success.

The Attributes of a Successful Meeting

What are some of the attributes that can ensure that your meeting planning gets off to a good start?

Think carefully about who your target audience is so that you can personalize the meeting according to their profile.

  • Choose dates that are not likely to overlap with other events that are of interest to your attendees
  • Choose a great location that is easily accessible by public transport
  • Consider hiring a caterer for snacks and lunchtime. This will give people a great opportunity to network during break times.
  • Choose a room in your venue with ample space and areas where people can have more intimate meetings
  • Choose a room with plenty of outlets for charging devices, good connectivity/wi-fi signal and an audio-visual technician on hand
  • Select a credible speaker who is relevant to your audience. If possible, get someone who is also a great entertainer.

These attributes may sound easy to achieve, but they aren’t. It requires strategic planning and effective plan implementation before you can get there.

With that said, learning what steps you should take in planning a smooth meeting in New York is imperative.

Steps to Planning a Seamless Meeting in New York

If you have access to an event planning budget, you should consider hiring a local expert event planner. Local event planners in New York know the best venues which can help you organize a successful meeting in New York, anytime. They will also be able to suggest smaller details for your meeting in New York that will delight the attendees. Either way, consider the following as a guideline for planning your meeting:

  • Source a venue that has the above-mentioned facilities. Consider selecting one based on the technology available to clients. Attendees will appreciate a venue equipped with the latest technology and/or gadgets. Make sure that your venue for your meeting in New York is close to hotels to make it convenient for attendees who are from other places.
  • Let the staff at your chosen venue help you and make as many suggestions as possible. Keep up a good rapport with the staff at the venue. This can help you know exactly what services and facilities you can avail. It always helps to ask for their help should anything go wrong in the preparation stages or on the day.
  • Have a written agenda that is circulated to your attendees 1 week before the meeting in New York will take place. People like to know what to expect so they can read up on the topic. They also want to know when they can sneak in some extra time to catch up on e-mails, phone calls, etc
  • Start advertising your meeting to all potential attendees 3 months in advance if possible. Out-of-town attendees will appreciate an early notification as they need time to make travel arrangements and/or book convenient accommodations. Be sure to remind your attendees about the meeting several times before the actual date. Encouraging people to RSVP will also give you a good indicator as to how many people to prepare for.
  • If you are unable to hire an event planner, organize a team of trusted individuals who can help you. They can help you set up on the day and stay on location for extra back up. Make sure to arrive early with your set up team and allocate enough time to set up and any last-minute changes.
  • Plan a running order for the day of the meeting. Circulate this among the set-up team and those staying to help during the day. This way, everyone should know what is coming next and what is expected of them at any given time.
  • Check up on everyone throughout the day and make sure that the staff and helpers get enough breaks. And finally, don´t forget to take breaks yourself!

Remember that hundreds of meetings, corporate gatherings and incentives are held each year in New York. Tailoring your meeting to suit the demographics of your attendees should make for a more special experience. Small touches and details will go a long way to making attendees feel comfortable and will make your meeting memorable. At the end of the day, you want your meeting to be remembered for the experience of the attendees. Specifically, how it made the attendees feel, what interesting people they met there and how it helped them achieve their overall objectives.