Jacqueline Gilna, Chief Executive Officer

Jackie is an international experienced C -Level Executive and the entrepreneurial creator and vision behind Venuetown. She is experienced in strategic alliances, joint ventures and international partnerships across R&D, Technology, International Trade & Commence, Meting &Events, Training and Financial Services. Jackie has a superb ability to motivate, lead and deliver targeted results and is highly skilled at managing diverse cross-cultural and cross-functional teams. Jackie is multilingual English, Dutch and Spanish, a graduate of Carleton University Law, an accomplished chef and, successful equestrian dressage breeder/ trainer during her years in Europe. True to her Irish roots, she has a strong sense of family and community.

Bill Stewart, CTO

Bill is our skillful problem solver. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNB in 1992 for discovery of algorithms that build geodesic domes in multiple dimensions in optimum space and time. While at UNB, he also taught eleven undergraduate courses, and served as Principle Investigator on a secure network modeling project. His professional training includes Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Risk Management, System Architecture, and System Engineering. Bill spent 14 years with Lockheed Martin Canada, as the company System Engineering, Software and Project Manager for system integration projects ($250K to $55M) and in senior roles on projects up to $3B. Ideas were peculating, and he soon stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, assisting start ups and mentoring

John Turton Sr Exec. Consultant, Corporate B2B

John is former air force pilot, co founder of Survival Systems and developer of the world famous HUET simulator that has saved lives all over the world. An internationally successful entrepreneur with demonstrated success in Europe, South East Asia, the US and Canada, He is a natural leader and exceptionally talented in building strategic partnerships. He is a strong stakeholder advocate, mentor and B2B consultant for emerging companies. His excellent communication, negotiation & analytical skills are matched by his hands-on approach and are reflected in his outdoor activities. as a skier, sailor, pilot and aspiring golfer who is consistently challenged by his 9’s!

Bernadette Terry. Consultative Sales Consultant, Corporate B2B

Bernadette is a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP/FIBP) with experience in but not limited to, Market Research and Analysis, North American and International Marketing and Business, International Market Entry and Distribution, B2B Corporate Sales, Event Planning and Management for the B2G and B2B events. A very focused professional, Bernadette is committed to delivering stakeholder & customer satisfaction and ROI. Since coming to North America from the UK, she has found a great work life balance and on weekends enjoys the seasons in cottage country with her family.

Robert Salm, Systems Management & Solutions Advisor

Robert is a results-oriented and multi-faceted technology business entrepreneur, Co founder at Setanta Solutions Inc he has tremendous attention to detail. Robert’s advisory role with Venuetown reflects his expertise in delivering, business transformation solutions, project management, support management and positive business results. Robert is bilingual English- Dutch, hold’s his own in Spanish and has a smattering of German. Robert is a gamer, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Formula #1 enthusiast and, super proud Dad to his young son and daughter.

Asim Bawany, Head, Software Development & Growth Advisor

Asim is a well- rounded entrepreneur with strong business development, leadership and team building skills. He is co-founder and CEO at Codup a company specialised in delivering complex e-commerce and payment solutions, advanced systems integration, building and maintaining SaaS and PaaS products from scratch, as well as enterprise applications and platforms.

Commitment to customer satisfaction, Asim is highly specialised in aligning business objectives with technologies to enable new business models and product development. Asim’s interests range for snorkeling to video games and medieval movies!

Princess Rada, Web Manager

Described as a “keep calm and carry on kind of person” & she brings with her a great work ethic and appetite for learning. Princess is a full stack web developer in WordPress & Drupal sites, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Angular JS and various scripting and e-commerce technologies working with companies in Canada, Asia and the USA. Prior to her move to North America, Princess graduated from La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is working on her Masters’. She is tri-lingual English, Tagalog and Cebuano. A very accomplished piano and guitar player, her love of music keeps her grounded in this ever-changing technical world.

Teresa Schneider, Event Planner Advocate

Teresa is our Planner Advocate, committed to helping Venuetown’s growing community of Event Planners showcase their business. Her earlier role with Ryan Air as Marketing Media Executive introduced her to the wold of social media and events. Putting best practices into operation at Venuetown, Teresa’s goal is to provide value to and assist the Venuetown’s online community of Event Professionals and their business. She holds a Contemporary Culture & Society, Liberal Arts, Sciences and Humanities, speaks English, Irish, German, Czech, Portuguesa and a smatter of Japanese and French. A fun and incredibly kind people’s person with a passion for language and culture, Teresa’s role at Venuetown will be of great benefit to Event Planners. Passionate about art and DYI, her vision transforms form into function.

Ryan Peddigrew, Event Management Advisor

Ryan brings years experience in the Event Services & Hospitality industry. A driven sales & event professional, he specializes in the art of event and supplier management. Having worked on both sides of the industry, Ryan understands the pain points and challenges. With international experience over two continents and growing, Ryan is known for his expertise, skills and willingness to help event planners overcome some of the toughest problems in the industry. Ryan’s enjoys networking with like-minded individuals and building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships. Ryan is Chair GMID at MPI Toronto.