Are you planning a small wedding? Keep your wedding intimate and small with a narrowed down guest list if you're looking to spend the money on their honeymoon. Here are a few tips on planning your own close-knitted wedding.

Choose a Small Venue

If you choose a smaller venue, you will find it greatly affects how many people you can and consider to invite, thus keeping you in check. VenueTown has a great list of venues available, from small boutique venues to modest locations. A great psychological trick as well, the smaller the venue, the less you will feel guilty on cutting down your guest list.

Make a Small Budget

If you set a small budget, you can hold yourself back from going to the extreme in some cases. Plus, a smaller budget means you will subconsciously refrain yourself from exploring the more extravagant venues, keeping it limited to the smaller scaled areas.

Limit the Guest List

Since you are having such a more intimate wedding, be sure that the guest list showcases this as well. Choose to only invite close family members and friends. Smaller weddings usually only have around 50 people in attendance.

Decide on Traditions That You Must Have

Just because you may be having a more modest wedding does not mean that you cannot have the traditions you want for your ceremony. However, you may have to tweak these slightly accordingly to the venue. For example, instead of throwing your bouquet, why not choose one person in attendance that would love it? A friend you know that may be engaged soon may an excellent modern twist to this classic tradition.

Consider Unique Vows

Since the wedding that is smaller is more intimate, one great advantage is being able to deliver a vow that is more emotional, and closer to your heart without worrying about opening too much to a crowd of guests you may not be close to. This is a great way to make your wedding one that is memorable!

Chairs and Tables May Not Be Needed

One element of a small wedding that people tend to forget is that these are often cheaper. After all, you may not even need to rent additional chairs and tables. Smaller venues can take intimacy to a next level by having the guests simply stand in a semi-circle around the couple while they are exchanging vows. If you find a venue that has a few tables and chairs, you can probably make do without the additional expense.

Have a Mix and Mingle

Instead of having everyone go the traditional route with set banquet tables and rigid settings, consider a mix and mingle, cocktail party before the wedding. For smaller weddings, this makes the entire process more fun for everyone involved!

Hand-Made Wedding Programme

Since you are having a small wedding, you can most likely hand-make your own wedding programme, or even invitation for added effect and flare. This is a great way to get creative for all you DIY-fiends!

Consider a Wedding Dinner

Instead of having nothing more than cake and drinks for a reception, a wedding dinner is often the route you can go with more petite weddings. Since there are fewer guests, simply hosting it at a restaurant can bring family and friends at a more intimate setting! It can also give more time for you to interact with the guests as well.

Be Creative!

The most fun you can have when planning a small wedding is that you get to be creative. Do something different, and if you have always wanted to do something that may have seem untraditional, a small wedding gives you the perfect justification to go ahead and just do it. Don’t let anything hold you back from having your fairytale wedding!