Want more business or want to market your venue as a household name that everyone knows? If this is the case, you must make your venue stand out from your competition! There is a lot of competition when it comes to putting your venue name out there. And because of that, a venue owner must do their best to make their location be one that is impressive to the consumer market. How? Here are 4 tips to best market your venue.

Publicize Your Location

One of the best ways to market your venue to have it stand out in the market is to publicize your location. VenueTown works with venues from across the globe. You can easily have your venue displayed with photos, information pertaining to how many people it can accommodate and any special accommodations you may have. For example, Hotel Le Marais in Louisiana has all their information listed, allowing a consumer to make a choice as to whether this is a location to consider or not.

Encourage Reviews

Have you had numerous satisfied customers in the past? If so, be sure to encourage these consumers to review your venue. This can be a great way to start getting a positive reputation and to get the word out that your venue is available for any events!

Offer Specials

Offer something that is unique to the consumer market. For example, do you have a catering staff that is willing to do any type of cuisine? This is something that other venues are not offering, so highlight this offering. Also, consider offering specials throughout the year to encourage consumers to use your venue as it makes for a better deal. For example, you can promote a 20% off any meeting rooms when booked between your off-season dates as an additional incentive for people to book.

Make your Venue a Blank Slate

Ensure that you have some areas that are a blank slate. This allows the consumer to look at this area knowing that they have full control over how they want to decorate the venue. When venues have set decorations that are rigid, this may limit you to only consumers that are looking for a particular feel to their event. If you have a blank slate area, then it opens the demographic greatly!

In order to stand out from your competition, a venue must set themselves apart. Many venues do this through innovative ideas and offers. However, before offering an amazing idea, be sure that your venue has the basics of making your venue stand out. Don’t forget that advertising and publicizing your location is step one to a successful journey to market your venue!