As the hotel industry adjusts to the safety and cleanliness regulations due to COVID-19, hoteliers are keen to bring more guests through their doors. Consumers need to feel confident about traveling, taking vacations, and staying away from home. Here are some ideas to build trust with guests when your hotel reopens.

Clearly State Your Cleaning and Hygiene Protocols

In the coronavirus reality, gloves, hand sanitizer, masks and steps to ensure employees are healthy really matter.
Aim to reassure your guests at every stage: from booking, to confirmation, to checking in and enjoying their stay. This could be as simple as adding a pop-up or a banner to your main website, or putting a link in the footer of all your emails.
Once guests arrive at your hotel, you can offer them a quick briefing on any measures you're taking for their safety. This will reassure people, and make it easier for them to cooperate with measures such as social distancing.

Focus on the Safety of Staff and Employees

In a fascinating report from Twitter, we learned that consumers have high expectations from brands right now. They want to see brands sharing accurate information, supporting community initiatives, and caring for vulnerable members of their community.
Interestingly, the study showed that 80% of consumers want to hear how brands are protecting staff. So if you introduce measures such as remote work, wearing masks and gloves, or temperature checks, let your guests know.
We also know that consumers want to see plenty of content on social media from brands right now. This is a great opportunity to share profiles of your staff, invite them to share their day, and give guests a behind-the-scenes look at your hotel.

Be Prepared for Extra Customer Requests

When your hotel starts to fill up again, be prepared for a higher volume of special requests than usual. People may have additional concerns about their health, or prefer to avoid shared areas of the hotel.
While some of these requests will mean more work, try to be sensitive and accommodating. You could also make it easier for people to tell you what they need, by adding a new field to your booking form, providing a dedicated phone number, or even sending an email after booking. Not every guest will need this support - but they will all appreciate the offer.

Tell us what you think

How is your business staying safe? What are your ideas for reassuring guests and building up their trust?