As an event planner, one of the biggest elements that you must plan for when organizing an event is the food and beverages served at this function. Why is this such as hard element to plan for? Mainly because you may have numerous people with various dietary needs, personal needs when it comes to what they will and will not eat or drink, and along with a budget to keep in mind. It is a lot of moving parts at once to get the exact drink and beverage menu to fit everyone.

Luckily, there are a few aspects that can help you to keep all of this in line for a fun and seamless party!

Keep Food and Beverages Allergies in Mind

If you are planning an event, whether it be a wedding or a conference and regardless of whether you personally know the guests or not, request and take note on any allergies of those who may be attending.

  • Ensure that dishes with peanuts and other nuts are limited, as nuts are one of the prime allergies out there.
  • Be sure food is labelled when going buffet style so that guests will know what is what, to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Consider placing labels on food items that may contains allergens.

Provide Options

One of the best ways to ensure that guests are enjoying the food and drinks provided at the event is to provide options. If you do not want to have these options catered in, allow people to order ahead of time. This can help you to stick to your budget as well as ensure happiness all around. A few tips:

  • Have a vegetarian, kosher, or other options for those who with special dining requests.
  • Consider a red meat and chicken/fish option, as this often meets the needs of the majority crowd.
  • If kids are attending, be sure that there are some children friendly options.

Offer Service

Consider hiring servers for the food and beverages that are going to be at your event. One of the reasons is that this controls the amount of food each person gets. If there is budget for one dish per person, then you must ensure that each person gets a dish.

The food and beverages served at an event are important, as they are one of the elements that guests walk away talking about. Thus, be sure that you are considering all the food and beverage angles for a delightful afternoon or evening.