Entertainment is vital to the success of an event. After all, most people attend knowing that there will be interesting entertainment, whether they are close family or friends during a wedding, it is the part that adds a touch of oomph and fun that brings everyone together. Thus, entertainment is essential, and must be planned accordingly. The problem that many people have when planning is just what type of entertainment should one get? Here are five types of entertainment to consider for your next event.

A Live Band or Singer

For many events, having a live band or singers is a great way to go. Many weddings, fundraisers, and parties of sorts will benefit from a live band. The key with this type of entertainment is to ensure that they can play a variety of music, as well as what you want them to play. Those who attend the function may make requests for the band to perform.


A DJ or disc jockey is going to provide your event with ample music, and he or she is not limited on what they can play. This is one of the benefits that DJs offer over a live band when you want music to be an important source of entertainment.


While this is not a form of entertainment to be used in a wedding, this can be a great source of entertainment for a conference. For example, many medical conference invite guest lecturers to speak on their latest findings. For those who attend, this is an opportunity to network and make new connections through the event organizers.

Motivational Speaker

With many functions, a motivational speaker can be a great form of entertainment. This is especially true when dealing with a fundraiser or an event that is meant to support a cause. These motivational speakers are not only entertaining, but can determine the success rate of the function.

Entertainment for Children

For those who have an event that involve primarily children, it is ideal to provide entertainment for them. For example, a puppet show, clowns, or magicians can be interesting to kids. Having this entertainment can settle down active children so they feel less restless when attending an event.

Keep in mind that the type of event you host is going to dictate the type of entertainment you should organize. In fact, you may find it necessary to provide more than one type of entertainment, depending upon the parameters of the event!