As a venue owner in New York, NYC one of biggest challenges you probably face on a regular basis is the high rate of competition from venues in your niche and geographical location.

Even if yours is a unique venue targeting a specific niche in the market, you may still find it difficult in a market that has many diverse options to offer. Building a great reputation for your targeted client base is something that requires your efforts in various areas of your business. So how can you stand out from the crowd?

Market Efficiently And Effectively

To get your name out on the market, you must effectively advertise exactly what type of venue it is and what you can offer your target clientele. Remember that all online and offline advertising you buy will need to paint a picture of your venue and ideally tell a story of why it is the ideal space for events.

If you don´t know what type of advertising to invest in or what concept to portray, it is advisable to get help from a professional marketer. After all, if you are already committed to spending money on marketing and advertising, you want to see a return on your investment and the most effective way to ensure this is by choosing the correct media and having a story or valuable information to share.

Develop Relationships

It is crucial to develop relationships with businesses that are linked to your industry. For example, many venues find that it is highly beneficial to develop a relationship with vendors in their city. Being able to rely on these vendors to recommend their venue to their clients, means that you must build a great rapport with any clients that are recommended by your network. If the client has had a positive experience at your venue, then you are in with a chance to get further recommendations from their network of friends, family and associates.

Always Be Available For Site Visits

Not all venues offer site visits to their potential clients. By having this as an option for anyone making an inquiry, you can meet and build up a great rapport with your clients.

When potential clients request a site visit, be sure to have a member of staff available who has great communication and people skills. It also helps if they take their time in showing the space and painting a picture of the possibilities which matches that of the client´s expectations and requirements.

Have An Online Presence

It sounds obvious, but there are still many venues that do not utilize all the online platforms and websites for extra exposure for their business. Building your online presence is not something that can be done overnight. Again, enlisting the help of a dedicated staff member or outsourced professional will help in the long run by facilitating everything from bookings, to reviews and social media activity.

Consumers these days are super savvy, informed and are happy if they can view up to date information about your venue online. This means that when potential clients contact you for a site visit or request a quote, you know that they already like the look of what they have seen and read of your venue online.

Market Your Venue´s Lifestyle

You already know what makes your venue unique. Use this in your marketing and communication so that any potential clients with interests that align with your venue´s concept, can understand what you are offering. For example, if your venue is equipped with the latest technology both front and back of house, then this gives you a great excuse to market to individuals who appreciate having access to cutting edge technology at their meetings or events. Alternatively, if you have a spa on site, then why not advertise this to your female audience? By doing this, you are basically finding common ground between your venue and the potential client´s interests and preferences.

These tips are a great base to start from if you are opening a new venue or looking to update your branding and messaging. But we´d love to hear from you! As a venue owner in New York, what do you find is the easiest way/medium to market your venue´s unique qualities?