Choosing the prefect wedding venue may be a difficult task. There are numerous aspects to consider about each venue before choosing the option that best fits your needs and desires. With so many choices out there, couples may start to feel overwhelmed. However, fret not, follow these five tips to help you pick the venue of your dreams!

Is the Location Available for your Day/Time?

One of the first aspects that will determine whether this venue is right for you is whether the location can accommodate your wedding on the day/time you specify. There are situations in which couples change their wedding day to booking the wedding venue they want, which is a considerable approach.

Does the Venue Meet your Budget Requirements?

Understand your wedding budget as it can be easier to determine if certain elements are a good choice. If the venue is higher than your estimated cost, decide whether it is worth shifting your budget around for. Budgeting is a must, but remember it is still a flexible factor that can be switched around to ensure the wedding of your dreams.

The Décor: Does It Fit You?

In most cases, wedding venues will already have an established décor. Most locations, for convenience and adhesiveness to the venue’s overall look, their décor is set and ready for use. So when you go for a site visit, keep in mind your overall wedding theme and consider if the décor fits. Of course, most venues can accommodate to any change or additions you wish to add to the décor with an extra additional fee.

How are the Amenities?

After looking at the décor and your budget, don’t forget to think of your amenities! Amenities to consider include whether there is ample parking for guests, if the staff is friendly and responsive, are the bathrooms well-kept, is there a backup power option, and are there separate bride and groom rooms? These are just a few of the amenities that can change the overall atmosphere of the venue and party.

Is the Catering Included?

Many wedding venues now offer catering staff along with food options for couples to choose from. If this is an option included in your venue choice, be sure to have a tasting for the options offered.

Are there any other things you consider before picking a wedding venue? Feel free to comment below to share your ideas with us, and happy planning!