Where do you start to look for a wedding venue and how do you pick the perfect one? These are just a few of the questions you start to ask once you’re engaged, and very often, the list goes on. For couples who are planning a wedding by themselves, it can get overwhelming. In fact, many couples become frazzled before they even start the planning process. So, where do you start when planning the wedding of your dreams?

The Date

The date of your wedding is the very first decision you make. After all, you cannot schedule any other aspect of your wedding without knowing a date! Therefore, sit down with your partner and decide on a desirable date. Keep in mind, some couples may take a year or longer to give themselves more time plan out all the intricate details to their wedding. You may find it useful to set three possible dates in the beginning to ensure there are no timing conflict for anyone who may be involved, whether this be the wedding party, the wedding venue, the florist or even the bakery you plan to hire.

The Size of Your Wedding

The number of guests, along with the wedding party, should be the next decision you make. Why is this important? When you are deciding on a venue, many of the locations may be limited as to how many people they can accommodate, which is a vital aspect to know. You should also keep in mind that not your entire guest list may attend. So the smaller you wish to keep your wedding, the smaller your venue can be, and vice versa.

The Big Decision: The Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect venue is the biggest decision you are going to be making in the planning aspects of your wedding. Your overall theme and colour schematic will be greatly dependent on the venue, which is why this is a huge decision to make and one that should not be made without sufficient research.

Choosing your venue comes down to personal taste and by narrowing down the size of your party and the overall outlook of the venue, it will make picking your location easier. For example, if you want a traditional wedding, then a hotel ballroom may be your ideal choice.

Still not sure where to start? The good news is you can easily find information about any wedding venue that you are interested in on the Internet. For wedding planners, brides, grooms or maid-of-honors, we at VenueTown have information on a wide range of wedding venues for you. Let us help you take out the stress and put back the fun into wedding planning!